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Make your own holiday wreath!

Here is one of the wreaths I created this year on the farm. Below is a step by step instructional on how you can do this yourself. Of course it's much more fun to make one at one of our on farm wreath events, but if you couldn't make it for some reason, why not try one from home? I'd love to see what you create!


Ingredient List:

-Wire wreath frame

-Several branches of evergreens, berries, holly, or whatever you'd like to see in your wreath.

-Floral wire, cut into 15-20 10" pieces plus more for wrapping around the wreath.

-Ribbon for a bow, approximately 8-12'. I like the wired ribbon the best.

-Any ornaments, pinecones, dried fruit, or extras you'd like to add.

-Hot Glue Gun


-Wire cutters

-Floral Snips

Step 1:

Trim all ingredients to approximately 6-8" and remove any dead or unsightly parts of the ingredients. Then organize them in like piles as you see in the photo along with your wreath frame.

Step 2:

Make 12-15 bundles, depending on wreath size, of branches. I like to put larger ones towards the back and build towards the front of the bundle until it looks nice to you. Usually about 6 stems will do. You will then wrap the bottom of the bundle with your pre-cut floral wire pieces. This will hold them together until you are ready to attach then to the wreath frame. Later, if you find you need more bundles, you can do more. I find it's better to do a few more than you think you will need.

Step 3:

Attach your floral wire reel end to the wired wreath frame as seen in this photo. It doesn't matter where on the wreath you start. Just wrap the wire around a few times or tie to secure it. Once wire is secured you will lay one of your bundles on the frame and wrap the wire around the frame and bundle 4-6 times. Wrap tightly.

Step 4:

Place the next bundle on top of the first bundle overlapping it by half. Wrap the new bundle 4-6 times until securely attached and repeat until your wreath is full. When you get to the last bundle you will need to lift up on your first bundle and tuck it under. This is usually a great place to attach your bow. When you are finished with your last bundle, cut your wire with several inches to spare and wrap it around the frame in the back. Similar to how you started.

Step 5:

Using a piece of wire, attach your bow. (There are many bow tutorials available to make your own or you can buy a pre-made bow.) Then use a glue gun or wire and attach any other decorations, ornaments, etc.

That's it! You now should have a very door worthy wreath to deck your halls! If you try this, I'd love to see your creation! One of the things I love best about doing our on farm wreath events, is the amazing and unique results I see every time, even when given the same ingredients-each wreath is as unique and beautiful as it's creator!

Merry Christmas from our farm to you!!

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