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Welcome to Sowing Joy Farm!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We are a flower farm in Post Falls, ID that specializes in growing specialty blooms and creating special events that allow you to experience the joy of fresh local flowers on the farm, in your home, or at your next event.

Hi! I'm Ondrea, here's a little about me and a little introduction on how our flower farm came to be and where it's going. I am big dreamer but I'm also a doer. Rarely do I have an idea that doesn't come to be in some way. I am a mother to 6 and a grandmother to one (so far). As my kiddos have gotten older (ages 13-24 as I write this), I have had more time to dream about what to do on our small farm. I love being able to be home and have been a stay at home mom for many years. As the kiddos have gotten older and I have had more time, I have put that time into my passion for growing and creating. As I mentioned, I am a doer, so when I put my mind and energy into something it can happen pretty quickly and on a large scale. I like to dream big! Sometimes this can be a little rattling for my amazing hubby, Chad. He is the steady, logical, loyal type and I frequently nudge him out of his comfort zone but in turn he pull me back into reality when I float a little too far off into the clouds. We make a great team in way. He is a senior hard/software engineer and he's great at it! So the flower farmer/florist is mostly my thing. I love it, plan it, and grow it but he certainly puts in some farmer hours through out the week.

I had always known that I loved to plant and grow things and that I loved to create and design things but what I didn't know when starting this farm is how much I would enjoy floral design and events. My favorite parts of this journey so far have been creating moments for people to enjoy here on the farm, as part of a workshop, or an event. I love seeing the joy that flowers can bring to others and the fellowship they can create when we enjoy them with others. I am excited to host many events here on our farm as well as dive deeper into wedding/event work and bringing that experience to others.

Besides flowers, I also enjoy designing our little Shepherds Hut rental. It's getting close to being finished and is officially on Airbnb now. I will be adding finished photos as we finish up. I'm looking forward to people being able to stay on the farm and experience what I feel blessed to experience on a daily basis.

I will post again with more on what I am doing. Have any questions you'd like for me to answer about flowers, farming, life or whatever, please ask away and I'll answer in the next blog! You can email any time at and please take a look at our website at and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. That's where all of our farm news goes out first.

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